Saturday, June 15, 2013


We had a low-key day playing in the pool at the hotel. They have a rule about wearing bathing caps, so we all had them, even my dad, who is mostly bald! The girls thought we looked like "bad guys" in them, but I thought we all looked pretty cute.

It was great having my dad help me keep my eyes on all the girls in the pool. Jie Jie loves the pool the most. After getting over her fear, Blossom also loved the pool. Sissy had fun, still has the most fear, but knows how to handle it now an doesn't let it stop her. I'm so proud of how far my two oldest girls have come in the past months!

We've met another American family here on a heritage tour with their first two daughters from China that will end in the province where they will adopt their new little son. They invited us to their room last night for cake to help celebrate their daughter's birthday. We also braved Wal*mart. I now have a large pack of diapers to go with the waiting crib! Tomorrow is the big day! I've been keep well-rested in case my new little one has sleepless nights.


Vicki said...

kimmi, We are in Italy. Cannot wait to see Apple. I remember that crib and those bathing caps! I can't wait to see her in your arms!

kimjax said...

Great pics, K! Love the way you dress your girls - even their suits look like a garden. Looks like you're having fun in your last moments as a family of 4. Can't wait to see you with that sweet baby!