Friday, June 14, 2013

We are in Changsha

The flight from Hong Kong to Changsha was short, barely over one hour. It was raining in Hong Kong and the airline passed out rain gear for all of us, but it really wasn't necessary since the bus that took us to the plane, which was parked on the tarmac, pulled up directly to the covered stairs.

The girls were tired by the time we arrived at the hotel, but I'm fine. All the ulta-late nights I kept before coming saved me from the jet-lag I'd otherwise get.

This is the hotel in Hong Kong as seen from the check-in area of the airport. Super convenient!

On our way to Apple's province!

View from our hotel room at the Dolton.

Cute buns for breakfast. The girls loved these!

Look at what I have in my room! There must definitely be a baby coming! I will receive Apple on Monday at 10:30am!!!


Carrie said...

Looking forward to following your journey! Praying for you all!

Sarah said...

Can't wait!!!!!! Praying for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Oh, the sight of a crib when you enter the hotel room. A very special feeling all APs know. Can't wait for more updates. Best wishes.

nancy said...

How exciting! Looking forward to following your family's journey to sweet little Apple. Blessings, Nancy from Sharon, MA. :-)