Sunday, July 28, 2013

Back to the China Trip: Getting To Guangzhou

So, everything was going well, we boarded the flight to Guangzhou and then sat on the ground at the gate. For quite awhile. They served us our sandwich, while still on the ground. Finally, it was announced that we would not be leaving any time soon because the airport in Guangzhou was closed. Later, I found out that it was closed due to a passing typhoon, which also made a spectactular lightening show below us as we flew.

What an entourage!

Beautiful stormy sunset.

I was taking my baby from her birth place.
I observed a private spiritual moment honoring the significance of this.

They don't bring strollers to the gate in China,
so Jie Jie had a wheelchair for some help through the airport.

The girls picked out their own matching jammies and loved looking like "sisters born together."

I didn't mention that my baby is mostly potty-trained, but she is.

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