Monday, July 29, 2013

Catching Up: Guangzhou Saturday

I took the girls out on a walk. The weather was nice when we started out, but just at the end, when we were half a block from the hotel, it started to rain. No problem! I whipped out the rain gear I keep stowed in the stroller and the little ones were covered. The baby is behind Jie Jie in the stroller, sound asleep!

I love Guangzhou because it's the one place where I meet parents who are in the exact same parenting position I'm in and we have complete understanding of what the other is going through and has immediately ahead of them. So many families I met have several children, many who are adopted, all who have special needs, and many are homeschooling. They understand the adoption process from a practical and emotional point of view, they understand about the medical stuff that awaits us once home, they understand the other every day challenges that we'll share, so it feels wonderful to be in Guangzhou, meeting all these great families. This little guy and my little girl had a few seconds of baby bliss before deciding they'd each rather have their mamas.

She can pull to a stand!

The medical exam is mandatory for all children obtaining US visas. It takes place in a Chinese clinic that is usually pretty packed with people. Although crowded this day, I was in and out with Apple pretty fast. She wasn't thrilled to see anyone in a white coat, and if they dared to touch her, she let it be known loudly that she didn't like it one bit. Only three months out of surgery on her hands, she remembers quite well what people in white coats can do to a little baby girl that hurts quite a lot.

We tried to find the baby bottle-fed fish here on the Pedestrian Street near the Pearl Market, but they were no longer here.

The girls were fascinated with these models posing in the gowns that are for rent for engagement and wedding photos. To them, all these dressed up women were princesses.

Garden Hotel at night.

My girl LOVES her bath!....

...Even washing her hair!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update! Your family is beautiful, and you ARE a Super-Mommy! Please blog sometime on how your 2 older daughters reacted to being back in China. Did you see any attachment growth or setbacks?
Congratulations on your new baby!