Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Catching Up: Guangzhou Monday

The Consulate Appointment was bright and early in the morning. Everyone was very nice there, as has been my previous experiences. Then we popped out for some necessary shopping. I needed basic sandals for the two older girls, nothing with heels or sparkles, but something basic and comfortable and pretty. I also needed a couple more outfits for the baby. She's such a sweaty baby that she needed thin shirts and shorts and nothing else. The onesies I'd brought were fine, but drenched with sweat in half a day, so a shirt that hung out and could vent underneath was the goal and I found a few sets for only $2-$3 each, along with a lighter, thinner baby carrier that's been great, for only $4.

For dinner, it was back to the Banana Leaf, and we brought a friend and her new son with us. The food is great there and the entertainment even better.

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Donna S said...

Do any shopping with Ann??