Monday, August 5, 2013

Catching Up: June 27 - 29

We spent a few days in the house I brought all my babies home to, before packing one more load and driving down to the new house for good. I've had this old-fashioned baby scale for years and years and years because it's like the one Samantha Stevens had for Tabitha on Bewitched and I LOVED that show and thought she was a great mom. I decided to take a picture of my baby on it and then leave it behind since it served it's purpose - finally!

Mama loves cotton candy!

Here, Baby, try some...

More, please!

Packing is absolutely exhausting!

Poppy thinks she's well-hidden under the drapes.

Really, she doesn't think we can see her.

But we can!

Merlin is very happy to have a baby of his very own!

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