Monday, August 19, 2013

Grass? Yuck!

I'm not in the mood for pictures
and I don't like what I'm sitting on!

I really don't like it!
I will not smile. I will cry.

And cry....

I won't stand on it either.

Apple actually did a total timber and face-plant! She wasn't hurt, but it certainly startled me. She does have quite a temper sometimes and she doesn't know that she can hurt herself by letting herself just fall. Truly, she just let herself fall forward like a stiff board right onto her face.


Sarah said...

This makes me laugh so much! Love that girl :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my yes, a little spirited one isn't she? Life is good!

Another single bay area Mom to 4 from China

Wendy B. said...

This is so cute! I love how she flopped down facedown. I am also an adoptive mom, and when my daughter first came home, she didn't like grass either. She would pull her little legs up to her chest if I tried to sit her on it. Now she is almost 10 years old. Thanks for bringing back a fun memory! :)