Sunday, August 11, 2013

My Diaper Stash

I've known I'd use cloth diapers since I was a little girl. It feels so much more nurturing to me to use soft cloth than crinkly paper and plastic. There are many other benefits to using cloth, too, environmental and budgetary. Cloth diapers are also a lot of fun, especially since I can sew them myself. I have a front-loading super-duper LG something-or-another washing machine that has a sanitizing cycle, which is a bonus, but not necessary for washing cloth diapers, but it's a fantastic machine and only pennies to run.

I don't have a favorite diaper, not even my own, but I like several. The fit depends on the size and shape of the baby, but I've generally found that the skinnier the baby, the more diaper coverage needed to prevent leaks around the skinny legs and waist. This is certainly true for my baby. So, here's the rundown...

Most of my stash!

In the diaper stacker are my own design, PooPockets. I sell the pattern world-wide and it's a very good diaper that's fast and easy to sew with excellent leakage protection due to the gussets. However, it needs a wide-bottom cover, like those made from my pattern Diaper Covers Deluxe, or something like Motherease, Stacinators or some of the new ones like the Flip.

I like to use these during the day around the house because they are a thin, light diaper, the way I made this batch, to keep my baby cool. If I need to go out, I can add absorbancy, but I'd rather use a different diaper instead.

On the right are AIO, or All-In-One pocket diapers. I love the BumGenius diapers. I didn't at first, but then I used them for four years on three siblings in my daycare. The same 18 diapers lasted three kids. They are a little hot, but not too bad, fit all sized babies, and are nice and trim, with absorbancy varying depending on how many inners are stuffed in. I love the colors. I use these overnight and in the car, especially on road trips. I made four of these (one of my skills is to be able to knock-off anything that's sewn). The others were given to me. I've had these diapers in my hand at the store, but I just can't bring myself to pay $17 for a diaper that I can make myself.

On the left are two Kissiluvs, a Fuzzibunz and some extra stuffers.

On the bottom left, are Mothercare terry towel nappies, brought to me directly from England by a friend. I LOVE these because I love folding them. I thought I've been using the origami fold, but now it's called the Neat Fold. I'm also going to try the Gaynor's Fold for Girls tomorrow. On the right are a variety of prefolds and flat folds. Some are China cotton and some are India cotton. I prefer India cotton to China since it's much softer. I also have some old kinds that are super soft bird's eye cotton, not like the kind available these days, but super, super soft. I use these mostly to add absorbancy and extra softeness to my PooPockets or to stuff the Bum Genius. My baby scoots on her bottom instead of crawls, so having a soft diaper is crucial or she rubs herself raw on the diaper.

In the pink box are nappy liners. Some kinds are even flushable. I haven't hooked the sprayer up to the back of my toilet yet, so liners help keep most of the poo off the diaper. At least they would if I didn't have a bottom-scootin' baby! I admit I've been dunking and swishing and I'd kill to find a diaper duck if they still have them, and if anyone is in England, I'm dying for some Nappisans!

Flats also make great handkerchiefs, burp towels and napkins. When they are finished being useful to a baby, they make excellent cleaning rags, especially for mirrors. Men love these for cleaning their cars.

This is a terry nappy square folded with the Neat Fold.

This is my baby wearing a terry nappy secured with a Snappi, which is called the Nappi Nipper in the UK.


Anonymous said...

Wish China could make these for orphanages and use the Snappi instead of tying diaper on w a string, just a thought!
What an awesome stash you have plus saving money, wish I could sew and make the pretty diapers and that Stacker is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

What a great primer on cloth diapers. Though as a mom to a 14, 12, 10, and 8 year old - all from China- I haven't had to think about this for a while :}

Sterner Stitches said...

I'm past the diaper stage with my boys but if your PooPocket pattern is for sale on line you should share a link! I would love to see it and love to make gifts for my friends with new babies :)


K said...

There is a link, but I just looked at it and think, perhaps, that it's not obvious. On the right side of my blog under What I Do is a picture of a baby. If you click on it, it will take you to my website.