Monday, August 5, 2013

Thank you, Joannah!

Way back when, years and years ago, two single women met. Each had a dream to become a mom. Each was on the path to adoption in China. But for one mom, the path changed, leading to the joy of marriage, the trials of fertility treatments, then, tragically, the sorrow of widowhood. But a miracle happened and this mom conceived her husband's child after his death by completing the fertility options they had laid out together. Apple's first baby hair clippie was given to me by this dear woman, who has been enjoying her own little daughter for over two years now. Thank you, Joannah. I can't tell you how those little clippies helped keep my dream of motherhood alive during the long, long wait. I made sure that Apple's first clippie was from you.


Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

Hey, we had dinner together in GZ! Someone linked to your blog on Facebook today. Glad I clicked on it. Looks like you guys are going well. How's the new house?

Joannah said...

Oh! That is so cool. I'm glad you kept that clippy. I miss the sweet little children's boutique at which I found those. It didn't survive this economy. :(

I kept one, too. Michaela wore it when she was little.

Apple is a cutie!