Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Moving Process: Part 3

Even now, I have Post Traumatic Moving Truck Day Syndrome. It was the most rigorous day of my life. I packed all night, only about 45 minutes of sleep at dawn, then I helped pack the 53 foot long truck. I had to help or the movers wouldn't have been able to fill the truck in one day and the time was ticking to leave for China. We packed from 9am to 9:30pm! My belongings filled the entire truck because I was moving my household and my two businesses, including part of the wooden play structure and the hot tub. Moving the hot tub was the hardest part of all for the men. I think it nearly killed them.

I left enough in the house to be able to live in it for another week or two since I had to bring the baby into the old house due to immigration requirements. I also had to leave everything we needed for the trip to China. Turned out, my box of China clothes got moved to the new house and left there when we came back up, so the girls and I made a 6 hour round trip to go get it two days before leaving for China.

I am so proud of my girls! They are troupers in the car. They have their dolls and coloring and portable DVD player, but what they look forward to the most is the lunch and snacks I pack in their special food boxes. It's like Christmas to them.


Almond Tea said...

That is one HUGE moving truck! I'm exhausted just looking at it.

Charlotte said...

Are you imagined one day, having a big family with four girls?
It's awesome.

Big moving with only a mom and one grand-father. I know it's a lot of jobs.

Félicitations, you can keep your head on your shoulders.

K said...

This truck was 53 FEET long!