Tuesday, September 3, 2013

House Project 1: Trees Phase 2a

Phase 2 involved removing the dead wood from the trees that was considered hazardous to the house, people and cars. Also thrown in was cutting back the oleanders. I have two long strips of oleanders and they've not been pruned in about 5 years, the tree guys told me. The work took 5 days. Imagine waking up every morning to the sound of chain saws and a tree mulcher. Since so much was done, I'll have to post pictures over several posts. Below shows the palm tree and a dead pine trunk next to it. The pine was used to climb up and over to the palm, then a chainsaw was used to cut off the dead fronds, which have been there for about 10 years! Next, the dead pine was cut down and it feel with a dramatic timber into the street with a bang that shook the house. The oleanders below run behind the pool, so I had to take down the pool fence for the tree guys. The wooden fence is in pretty bad shape, since the oleanders have leaned on it for such a long time.

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Jessica said...

I just got caught up around here! Wow! Tons of changes! Congrats on Apple & the new home looks wonderful. When you get a spare second (ha ha) drop me a line and tell me where you are now.