Sunday, September 29, 2013


My baby is still small, but I can see the toddler she's going to be right around the corner. Tonight as I tucked her into her crib, I remembered so clearly tucking her into the little crib in our hotel room in China and marveling then, as I did tonight, at the miracle she is. I LOVE being a mom and I LOVE having big kids and I LOVE having a baby, too.

Tonight, for the very first time, we took a bike ride as a family. My last-to-learn, Blossom, can manage to ride a bit as long as we go slowly. I think that by the end of this week, if she practices every day, she'll finally be riding well. I loved watching the smiles on the faces of the drivers of all the cars that passed us or slowed and stopped to wait for us to pass them. I was in the lead with the baby on the back in a baby bike seat, then Jie Jie, Blossom and Sissy, a good rider, bringing up the rear and reporting to me on Blossom's status. We must have looked like our own parade!

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