Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sedated MRIs and 3D-CT Scans

Last Wednesday, Apple had the following scans done:

MRIs: Brain, spinal and hands w/contrast
3D-CT scan: Head

I'm happy to say that the experience was very good since this will be where she'll have her cranial surgeries. The nurses were very accepting of my wishes and ended up being very glad since they didn't realize Apple has limitations of movement. For example, they wanted to place her hands above her head for the MRI of her hands, but she can't raise her arms that high so I helped them come up with something she can do. They also tried to point her toes during the IV insertion, which made her cry, so I had to tell them that a kid with Apert's Syndrome has fused foot bones and can't do that. I also kept them from putting heated blankets on her, which would have baked my sweaty Apert's girl. I brought a nice lightweight gauze blanket instead.

My favorite doctor was the intensivist who administered the "milk of amnesia" properly known as Propofol. She was under for 3.5 hours. He kept Apple sedated enough not to move, but light enough to breath on her own. Of course, she was monitored constantly with heart leads, O2 saturation, and was hooked up to oxygen continuously. The MRI and CT scanner were down the hall from one another so Apple regained more consciousness than they expected during the ride in her crib. The intensivist also stopped in the hallway so my older girls to see the baby and be reassured that all was well. They thought she was having surgery. I explain and explain, but they get their own ideas and won't shake them until they have proof. The funny part was that the second Apple became somewhat conscious, she tried to sit up. The way she sits up is to do a sit-up. She just rose from her back to sitting up like a zombie and the nurses were absolutely astonished.

Afterwards, she nursed in a rather uncoordinated, lazy fashion due to the effects of the Propofol, which surprised me because she hadn't eaten for 12.5 hours and was famished. Another thing I didn't expect is that she's been fussy ever since. I never left her side while she was conscious, but she could very well have perceived my absence while under the influence of the drug or the lasting effects of the drug could be making her feel strange.

In the car afterward, still a little loopy.


Anonymous said...

Apple is adorable and I love her little dress with the pink rosebuds. What a beautiful family you have. You are doing such an amazing mama. LCN

Anonymous said...

edit: You are such an amazing mama!

Penny said...

She is adorable, and I LOVE that you are nursing her!! WTG Mama!

Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

Glad her MRI went well,s too. I somehow missed a few posts. Grr, bloglovin. Your girls look great in their uniforms.

Anonymous said...

Are you really nursing? Sucking on your breast getting milk or nutrition? Wow!!!!! AMAZING! LOVE YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

You are truly amazing K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you!!!