Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Shriner's Hospital Visit

Apple got into Shriner's for the surgical care of her hands and feet. It's the most amazing hospital I've been to and Apple received the best care. We also lucked out and went of the Friday of the first week of school so we were practically the only ones there.

I didn't know how long the appointment would be so I loaded everything up onto the big stroller and put the baby in the smaller stroller. This way, I could manage the lunch boxes, diaper bag, paperwork, my purse, Jie Jie's medical supplies, and the kids...

Shriner's is ready to operate on Apple's hands right away, but since she'll be in double full arm casts for 4-6 weeks afterward, we have to wait and see when her first cranial vault surgery will be so there is full IV access on her arms for that surgery.


Anne Krause said...

I'm curious what kind of surgery Apple will have on her hands. Our Joshua has limb issues and is missing a variety of fingers on both hands. His is caused by Amniotic Band Syndrome, so he had hand surgery a year ago to loosen some of the bands to allow for growth. Just curious if Apple has the same thing!

Jennie said...

What an expressive little girl and thriving as she is surrounded by the love of family.

K said...

Hi, Anne,

Apple has Apert's Syndrome. It causes premature fusion of her skull and fusion of her fingers and toes.