Friday, October 18, 2013

Apple's Four Months Anniversary

I know my posts are far apart, and I've not put new pictures up in awhile, but that's because I keep "tossing the house." This means that every time we make progress on fixing up the house, everything in it gets moved somewhere else and, for a time, lost.

I've had Apple for four months now. It's seems much longer than that. She's doing so well! She can feed herself with a spoon now and even a fork sometimes. She's working on talking, but only says three or four words in English. She did say "xie xie" the other day, which was a first for me to hear. She's heading into surgery next month for her first cranial vault remodel, redacting the back of her head. I'll explain more as the time nears, but it's a big surgery and I'm working on my courage.

We finally have carpet!!! We tossed the house big for this one, but the installation went without a hitch over two days and my carpet guy brought in a HUGE team to make it go faster. Apple loves the new carpet so much that she'll not do her physical therapy on it. She just lays her head down on it and runs her hand over it. Honestly, we've all be spending a lot of time laying on the new carpet! We also spend time putting furniture sliders under our feet and gliding over it! I've been painting and painting and painting, too. As soon as the dust settles and I find everything, I'll post pictures!