Saturday, November 23, 2013

Alive and Kicking

We are home, as of late last night, and Apple is recovering well. She is still clearing the meds from the system. I can tell by her still unusually rapid heart rate. I have not given her any more medication of any kind and she doesn't seem to need anything for pain. She looks a bit worn out, but she's cheerful. I'm pretty sleep-deprived and hope to get caught up on sleep tonight, if possible. Apple still has what the nurse calls "anesthesia lungs" so I'm sleeping lightly so I can listen to her breathing.

Jie Jie is sick. I just took her temperature and it's 104.4 so I'm watching her closely, too.

All in the life of Supermom! Just our norm.


laurajonesjournal said...

praying for you right now, for a good nights sleep, for Jie Jie to feel better, and little Apple. GOd bless you. I love each up date and never miss a post. You are indeed a super mom. Ps 107

Chrissy said...

Again, wishing I was closer and could be there to help. Long distance friendship stinks in that regard. So sending prayers and good wishes and love!