Monday, November 4, 2013

Big Surgery for Apple Tomorrow

Last Wednesday, elders from my church came over and anointed Apple with consecrated oil and blessed her. My friend, JJ, was able to make it over for the occasion.

Tomorrow, Apple will have her first cranial surgery. It involves cutting the back of her skull free, leaving it in place, inserting distractors, which are attached to screws that will stick out of her scalp so I can turn them a little each day and slowly move the back of her head out. This will give her a more normal shaped head, and allow her brain some room so that in four months she can have the front of her head done. Brains like to be round. Apple is very smart, fully intelligent now and likely to stay that way, but there is a chance that pressure can build up in the brain if the skull can't grow fast enough in the right areas and that could lead to brain damage.

We are currently three hourrs away from home and on the way to pick up my helper, while still local, I collided with another car and crunched the driver's side of my van area near the front tire. It wasn't a hard impact at all, and it's still drivable, thank heavens, but what a bummer thing to have happened at a time like this. It's going to need body work, though. Thank heavens for insurance. I sort of had a premonition, though, that something was going to happen involving my car when I read the blog of another family with a baby with Apert's. On the morning of their baby's surgery, the mom accidently locked the baby in the car and they had to break a window to get her out!

All prayers of yours are welcome and appreciated as my baby goes through this.


skm said...

Sending lots of love, prayers and healing from NH!

Catherine said...

Praying for all of you.