Monday, November 4, 2013

Carpet Day Friday

On Oct. 11th, the first of the carpet arrived! This wasn't just an ordinary installation, this was first class treatment because I bought the carpet from someone who is now a good friend and he recognized the need to have it done as easily and fast for me as possible, so he made arrangements that left me feeling totally pampered and special. Honestly, I took care of my kids and played my piano all day without a care in the world. It was all taken care of for me. And they cleaned up so well afterwards and helped put my furniture into position for the first time.

My friend came into my house first, followed by his friend, who wasn't on the installation team, then a parade of men followed until there were about 9 men in my house. I tried to catch all their names again after about the third one but my friend said with humor, "Uh uh, no talking, I pay these guys by the hour!" Then he took them through my house and gave them explicit instructions, which they followed to a T! By the end of the day, I had new carpet in the bedroom wing of the house and it was beautiful!!!

Apple LOVES the new carpet. She refuses to do any physical therapy on it. If I try to make her, she just collapses onto the carpet and pets it.

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