Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Emergency Medical Run

I was sitting next to Sissy on the sofa, this morning, with Apple on my lap, when Apple leaned forward toward Sissy and did a sort of face-plant into Sissy's leg. Sissy must have felt it, and Apple sat up looking a bit astonished, then I saw it. The screw/pin on Apple's left side was pointing downward. Sissy was in the middle of a birthday phone call from her friend and I had her end it quickly so I could put in a call to the surgeon. Sure enough, he wanted to see us ASAP. It took me about an hour to get things together for a possible overnight hospital stay, then we hit the road, in my rental (my car is in the shop from the bang up from our last trip to the same hospital!) and trekked 3 hours to the medical center. Once in the exam room, the surgeon removed the wrapping I'd put over the screw/pin and it was completely off. I'd hoped that the removable handle was all that fell off and that it could be reattached, but no such luck. The metal had sheared off behind the removable part. Now Apple faces surgery within the week to replace the entire redactor. The part is on its way from Atlanta. She is scheduled for Tuesday morning unless another spot opens with the neurosurgeon before then.

The plus side for Apple is that she gets about a week off of me turning the screws, which she's taken great and hysterical exception to lately. As of yesterday, we've increased the space on the back of her head by 1cm and it's noticeable!


skm said...

Poor baby....poor you!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. Another surgery. I'm so sorry. Any chance it will be outpatient or will it be another extended stay in the hospital?

Lynnea said...

Oh no.....
Crazy uncontrollable accident :( But what a bummer.
Big Hugs!