Sunday, November 24, 2013

From Yesterday in the Hospital

Finally calm in the stroller around 9am, after The Horrible Night.
Just look at her poor mouth from all that screaming.
The left side of her head is so swollen.

After lunch, she gently laid herself down and took a nap before I had to turn the screws. Notice the pulse/ox monitor isn't on her any more. She took it off.

See the pulse/ox monitor? The little glowing light by her right leg? The nurses didn't dare try and put it back on, they didn't want to upset her or fight with her any more.

This kept unnecessary people out during the night. Last time, someone came in to noisily empty the trash at midnight and 6 am!

Looking suspiciously at me as I loaded her into the stroller to come home. After all, last time I wheeled her around the hospital, she ended up in the O.R.

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