Saturday, November 9, 2013

Getting Organized at Home

Apple was sure glad to see her friend JJ first thing this morning. JJ came again in the afternoon to help me move the crib and help with distraction. I was pretty nervous doing it for the first time at home, which surprised me. Apple cried pretty hard. Then I sobbed as well. We'll both get better at it quickly, I'm sure. As JJ pointed out, Apple stopped crying pretty quickly once it was done.

I moved some furniture into the kitchen to create a clean well-lit place to do wound care and distraction.

All the supplies are organized, handy and in a safe clean place.

Narked again on Benadryl.
Apple is allergic to her pain medication so she needs Benadryl to control the hives she's getting.

The crib is back in my room and set up for Apple's post-op requirements.

Apple wasn't impressed when she tried it out, but she'll like it more than the stroller, I'm sure.

Ah, finally washed the icky bloody muck away. Apple's hair was shellacked to her scalp. I rinsed for 10 minutes to soften it, then washed and rinsed twice more and still didn't get it all clean, but it's good enough for tonight.

Her scar looks very good, but it's huge!

The surgeon left the part that I wanted him to trim!

So, I gave Apple her first mama-done hair cut.

Not these again!

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Sarah said...

Glad you got things set up with JJ's help. Praying you all got some good sleep and that today's distractions are a little easier on both of you.