Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Yesterday, the staff here told me that today would be the worst day, but that's not been the case. I can't tell you what a blessing that has been. Last night was bad enough; I'm so glad Apple didn't have to go through anything worse. While she's not smiled at all today, she has played a little, made one or two noises of greeting, eaten well, she's starting to pee out the extra fluid she's put on. She's even using the potty.

We've had two male nurses in a row today and they've both been caring and good. So far, all the nurses have said they've never seen an IV in the place by Apple's knee before. Again, I'm glad she didn't need a cut-down.

I got to clean her up and do the care on her incision and "pins" which are really huge screws. I'm glad I'm so savvy with that sort of thing. As usual, my skill continues to amaze the nurses. Each new one asks if I'm a nurse. She's so much calmer when I do it than when anyone else approaches her. She's had the arterial line removed and both IVs are on saline locks, so she's a lot more comfortable without so many wires. While I couldn't give her a full bed-bath, I did clean her up a lot, especially getting the pooled blood out of her ears and out from around her neck before it starts to rot and stink. She's pretty heavy with the extra fluid she's retaining and looks huge, especially her ankles, feet and belly. I was able to hold her more today without causing bleeding, but navigating the pins is hard, I got stabbed in the face and felt them twang under her skin, which was scary until I saw that it didn't hurt her too much. The more I turn then, the shorter they are going to get!

My baby is missing far more hair than the surgeon said he was going to cut off. She's going to look pretty terrible for some time. In fact, by the time it grows to where it was yesterday, it will be time to have the next cranial surgery. Honestly, it's worse than when I got her in China. With the pins and incision, we're going to get some attention when we go out. I'm glad we live where we do because the people down there are so much nicer than the people around where we used to live and they may be kinder in their expressions and comments when we pass by. Apple is at an age where she will notice those things to a degree. She reads people well.

Unusual place for an IV. It was placed using ultrasound.

Playing just a little bit.

I wanted my mama to hold me,
but it hurts too much, so mama found a compromise.

Do you mind?

...I'm going potty.

See my bloody yuckies?

My mama cleaned me all up!

Mama also took all my bloody blankets
and sheets away and gave me clean ones.

My mama is so clever! She even invented
a way to keep my pin sponges from spinning and getting in my eyes.
If only she could make the swelling in my face go away...


Sara, another mom to 4 from China, said...

It's amazing what the surgeons can do - she looks so spunky today - what a blessing.

kim647 said...

Praying for a great recovery. Bless you all!

gail said...

I just checked in on your family tonight after a few days and was shocked to see Apple from her surgery. Poor sweet baby. I hate that she has to go through so much, but what a blessing to have her momma to love on her and take such good care of her.

I am happy that your 3 older girls were comforted by your words and prayers.

Hopefully, Apple will be able to go home soon.

Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

Thinking of you! I found a picture of one of your girls on another blog. Tried to email you, but the address I have for you (@NC) comes back as full mailbox. I'd love to pass it on if it's one you don't have.