Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Tonight's been rough on Apple. She's so miserable! It took us awhile to get the drug cocktail just right to control her pain. I think we've got it down now, but she's still very restless and fussy. I'm handling it very well, with the help of a great nurse who has stayed on with us and is doing a double shift. Her replacement is good, too, but I notice that our Sadie, who is young, pretty and Christian, has stuck with us. Apple's swelling and bruising are increasing and her entire body is also swollen, which is normal for this kind of thing.

My older girls each had a good cry tonight at bedtime. I went to the place where they are staying to kiss them good night and they all melted down, one at a time. I've never left them before, especially over night. We all prayed together, but before we did, I told them very carefully what we would be praying for and it really helped calm them. I love watching my children's faith grow.

On the way from PACU to PICU with some heavy duty painkiller on board. Everyone was amazed that she held her own bottle.

Here's my gang. Notice they are all women! It was pretty funny.

Trying to get settled, but starting to bleed more and swell up.

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goodiego said...

Blessings and prayers for little Apple and your lovely family.