Friday, November 8, 2013

PICU Day 4

Apple and I had a pretty good sleep for being here. We did a four hour stretch from midnight to 4am, then had a few more hours broken by a lot of noise and disruption. She and I slept on the pull-out chair again. I love feeling her next to me and a few times during the night I felt her feeling for me.

The morning was a little rough. She was hungry and needed her pain med, and she's having a histamine reaction to the pain med that's making her eyes itchy and swollen. I've okayed some Benadryl for it, but I HATE doping her further and getting into the cycle where one med leads to another that leads to another. The only reason I'm doing it is that this afternoon the distraction begins. This is when the doctor turns the screws that are attached to the hardware screwed to her skull and when he turns, it moves the back of her skull that was cut free during the surgery back, which will be quite painful. She will cry and we all know that tears make itchy swollen eyes worse.

So far, she still has one working IV. That will be used to give her morphine before the distraction is done. Remember, not only is the bone being pushed, but her scalp, which is painful from the incision, will also stretch. The goal is to distract 1mm per day. I can do it in 1, 2, or 3 turns, all at once in a day or 2 or 3 separate times per day.

Swollen, red eyes, with patches appearing under the eyes.
Ignore the breakfast on her face, I washed it off!

She's getting her skinny baby legs back!

She's her mama's girl.
She's dancing to her Chinese music!


I can see the house where my older girls
are staying when I look outside Apple's room window.

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Joannah said...

Precious darling! Bless her heart, and yours and the big girls', too. I hope her recovery continues to go well.