Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Post MRI, Pre-Op

I'm happy to say that the only glitch in the day had to do with getting Apple's first IV started. Like many Chinese babies, mine has tiny, itty bitty, teeny weeny veins. The IV was supposed to have been started in pre-op, then we were to go down for the MRI where Apple would be sedated, then brought back up to pre-op. However, pre-op didn't start the IV, even when I told them they should, so it was done at MRI and it took two tries and my baby screamed and screamed because she was getting so thirsty and hungry and it hurt when the first vein blew. I'd told them not to use that vein, but they thought it'd be a good one.

After the MRI, which only took 15 minutes, we waited for the sedation to wear off a bit then were taken back upstairs to the PACU, or Post-anesthesia Care Unit, also known as the Recovery Room for surgery. By now, Apple was not happy at all. She was drugged, thirsty, hungry. In the MRI area, I at least had them wet gauze for her to suck, but there wasn't anything in the PACU except a horribly crying baby and an old lady having an x-ray, which necessitated me to stand across the room and hold Apple for about 20 minutes.

Apple's team finally arrived and did what they had to do. Because Apple had an IV line, they put some dope in to knock her right out so she had no idea that she left my arms. Thankfully, super easy for both of us!

Sleepy after the Propofol.

Moving to the PACU.

The surgeon with his 3-d skull model of Apple's skull.
It was pretty cool! Looked just like her without hair.

Off to the OR.

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