Thursday, November 7, 2013

Post-Op Day 3: Evening

I made a mistake and left Apple in the care of her nurse for almost 2 hours while I went to shower, change clothes, eat and see my other girls. When I came back, Apple had managed to pull out one of her IV lines, the corner of one eye was red when it had not been, and shortly after my arrival, she stood up in her crib. Thank heavens I was there because the sides were not high enough to be safe and she could have fallen out! I'm very angry at myself for leaving her when I knew better, but I'm so torn about spending time with my older kids, too.

See how her left eyelid is all red?
When I left, just the outer corner was bruised.
Clearly, she'd been crying more than they admitted to and had she'd been rubbing it.

Then, our new shift nurse said it was time to change bandages and do pin care. I told her we'd already done that. She said it was ordered Q-shift, meaning it was to be done every shift, which would be 3 times in 24 hours. So far, we've only done it twice, on the afternoon shift yesterday and today. I had her check the date the order came in in case it was changed and I didn't know, but low and behold, the order was placed upon Apple's admission to the unit. So, I just finished doing it and it's the third time it's been done. It should have been the 6th time! I'm pretty peeved right now, but too tired to work myself into being angry again. We should be out of here soon!

I was a good baby while mama did her thing!
But wearing my No-Nos helped a lot!

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