Sunday, November 24, 2013


UPDATE: I just went in to check Apple and took these pictures. Definitely narked!

It's been 36 hours since she's had any drugs whatsoever, yet look at her! I wonder if this all started with an accidental over-dose at the end of surgery.

The strangest thing just happened...

Apple woke up this morning at 8am, which is early for her. She has been happy all day and did not take a nap. She has not appeared sleepy at all today, until a few yawns at 11:30pm. I put her on her place for the wound care and screw turning and she got upset. She even got upset when I went to cut her hospital bands off because the nurses scan them before giving any meds. Anyway, she started rubbing the tip of her nose, which itches when she get morphine, something I was told is a common reaction.

She got very upset when I pulled out the screw driver. I had to pin her down to turn and she was screaming. Then, it was over and I got her calmed down and sat down at the computer with her on my lap. In just a few seconds, her head was bobbing and then she was asleep, like passed out cold. I shook her shoulder and said her name and she sort of roused, but passed right out again. Then she started scratching her nose and lips more.

I think that the stress cortisol and adrenaline she just released when I turned the screws, amplified the effect of the drugs still in her system. When I put her in her crib, her eyes rolled and she startled like she did in the hospital, which the nurses said was common when on narcotics.

Pretty scary to have a baby still so drugged at home without monitors keeping track of her heartrate and breathing. I'm going to stay up for a few hours and keep my eye on her!


Maureen said...

I'm not sure if 'over dose' in the traditional sense would be right.

I've been reading another adoptive mom's blog about medications and adoptive kiddos. And her theory on it. It is interesting. Here is one of the posts she talks about it. That said, I know of a number of kids with chronic problems that have very atypical reactions to sedatives. (My own bio son medically complex kiddo had quite the negative atypical response coming out of anesthesia to the point I was warned if/when he ever needs it again to warn everyone prior. They wanted to resedate him but his vitals were stable enough I just rode the wave...)

Good luck! I hope it continues to wear off (I work in a hospital, and sometimes, with some people it seems to take literally a week or more to really wear off).

Anonymous said...

Your description reminds me of when my son had a seizure. Has your doctor given you any ideas as to what is happening? Also, if you are not on pain meds and your pain is severe your body will naturally "pass out" as a coping mechanism. That is why people don't suffer when they pass on. They literally pass out when their pain gets unbearable.

She is a beautiful little fighter. Things will get better soon. We'll pray for all of you continually.