Thursday, November 21, 2013

Surgery Went Well

Surgery went very well. The new redactor fit into the old one's place using slightly larger screws so only that side of Apple's head was opened up. They got the IV started in her hand with one botched attempt in her foot. She was brought directly up to the PICU, where I was waiting for her. Then all hell broke loose!

She absolutely flipped out! She flung herself all over the crib violently. The nurses scrambled to get pillows to put around her so she wouldn't hurt herself, the Xeroform dressing that the surgeon had on the incision fell right off, she was kicking and screaming and arching off the bed, shaking her head and body from side to side, flailing her arms and legs. I kept trying the little Pedialyte bottles that worked so well last time, but it didn't help her. I tried to hold her for over an hour, but she continued and kept kicking her feet against the wooden arm of the chair. I had the nurse pad it. She kept kicking against that arm and arching, propelling herself backwards and headfirst off the other arm of the chair so I had to keep catching her and restraining her. All the while, she was screaming and arching.

Three nurses were in the room going back and forth, back and forth saying, "What more can we give her?" I okayed giving her all the meds she was allowed to have, lots of morphine, Hytec (vicodin & Tylenol), Benadryl, more morphine. The doctor came in and ordered even more morphine and she continued to fight like a tiger possessed. I'm sure her feet are going to be bruised! I had about 1/2 hour of her being almost calm, then it started again. I finally had to put her in the crib, I was so afraid I'd drop her. There, with yet more medication, she calmed as long as no one came into her visual range, even me. If I approached her, touched her, or she heard my voice, she'd move away from me and cry. It was so sad to see her this way.

I finally grabbed my cup of water from the table near her bed because I was hot and thirsty and she saw that I had it and immediately made eye contact and it was like a telepathic message: She was ravenously hungry, not having eaten for over 12 hours, while in a huge growth spurt. I immediately had the nurse heat the food I'd brought for her and she downed it in a morphine haze, then proceeded to eat three containers of Jello and drink two bottles of Pedialyte. She still cried when finished, but it was all I dared give her so soon after surgery.

I got her cleaned up and fixed her bed up and was about to sit down to blog when she reached for me and sat up toward me. I cuddled her on my lap until she started kicking again and now she's settled back in bed and calm for the most part, but still having episodes of crying and kicking. She did use her feet to bring her "kitty" up to her hands and its on her chest right now. The left side of her face is starting to swell, but I don't think it will get as bad as last time.

I realized that Supermom would never not have diaper pins in the diaper bag, so I searched it thoroughly and, much to my delight, came with diaper pins! Not any diapers pins, mind you, but the old-fashioned Dritz pins with little blue tops that slide and lock. The BEST diaper pins, in my oPINion! So Apple is using the hospital receiving blankets for diapers and the nurses think it's great.

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Catherine said...

Could she be allergic to morphine? It's not uncommon. My sweet, calm grandpa turned into a raging man when given it and had to be restrained. It was then on his chats and he wore a big red band stating he was allergic but then years later one nurse gave it to him and it happened again! What you're describing is much how he reacted and it was awful!!!