Thursday, November 21, 2013

Waiting for an Operating Room

We are back at the hospital hoping to get the distractor replaced but we've hit some snags. First, Apple is most definitely allergic to disposable diapers and the Benadryl she got last time masked it. She's sitting in pre-op with a towel taped onto her because she was getting hives on her bottom from the disposable diapers. And we've been sitting her for three hours! There is still a case in the O.R. and we have at least another hour wait.

This might not sound so bad, except my baby hasn't had anything to drink since 8:30 this morning and she's getting dehydrated. Imagine a baby with tiny little veins, who is super hard to get an IV in, who is now dehydrated, which makes those veins even smaller!

On top of this, the distractors have to be symmetrical, so if the surgeon can't get the new ones on the old site, he has to move the one on the other side, too, which means opening Apple's scalp up from ear to ear again. Please pray that he can get them on the same site using bigger rivets!

I'm quickly becoming a very irate mama!

Apple is still in good spirits, but I'm not sure how much longer that will last. I know that I've not had anything to drink either and if I drink in front of her, she'll fall apart.

On the plus side, Apple has gained 2 pounds since Nov. 5 when she had her last surgery! She's been eating like crazy and crying when the bowl is empty. So I'm not surprised by such a big gain. It's good for healing and growing bone, too!

Apple figured out how to take her socks off. This is a pretty nifty trick for her since it means she's using her thumbs and they are strong enough now to do it!

Definitely hating the Pulse/Ox sensor.
She still has bad dreams about this thing!

Baby joy is a box of tissues to pull out and shred.


Anonymous said...

If she's getting dehydrated, they don't need to find a vein to hydrate her. Have they never heard of subcutaneous fluid administration??? And don't they need to access a vein for the surgery? Even if they don't want to do that until she's sedated, it will be a lot easier if they get her hydrated in advance.

Anonymous said...

That's right, Anonymous. Apple's desire to drink is different than becoming dehydrated. If she has a IV and can get fluids through there, she'll be fine. Her need to drink is more psychological and habit.

If she doesn't have an IV in. I would have a nurse get one in STAT.