Monday, November 11, 2013

We Got Through Another Day

Apple had a pretty good night. She woke up like clockwork for her pain medication. I turned the redactor pins/screws and she now recognizes the screwdriver and gets upset. It really does hurt. Imagine having the back of your skull pulled off 1mm per day! She cried more today, big tears, and I could tell that her head hurt for awhile afterward because she'd lay is down on the changing table so gingerly. Because she anticipates it, she releases high amounts of stress cortisol, and it cancels the sedative effect of the Benadryl. So, while the hives are still under control, she doesn't get drowsy by the Benadryl any more.

Jie Jie still has a fever, but she's eating and drinking just fine. It's a lot like the bug she had last year the week of Halloween. I'm not worried, just vigilant. She's got good protocols set forth by her doctors for how best to handle things like this, so I'm comfortable with how she's doing.


Donna S said...

WOW, looks like a lot going on in the medical department. I hope everyone feels better soon. Keep up the good super mommy work!!

Jeanne Minney said...

I have been following along since before you brought Jie Jie home but am not very good at leaving comments. Right now I feel compelled to communicate with you. For all you have done in the last few years and for all you are going through now you have nothing but my greatest admiration. I was a single Mum of three, but thankfully without all the health issues your girls have, so can fully understand how life can be quite complicated on a day to day basis. I am sending loads of prayers and love for your sweet Apple and and strength and courage for you to cope with being a super wondrous Mummy. xx

K said...

Thank you, Jeanne, for such a lovely compliment! I appreciate your prayers and love more than you can imagine. I've missed being able to blog and receive the love and support of my online community!