Saturday, November 9, 2013

We're Home and Off to a Rocky Start

We pulled in around 11pm and things were not quite as I'd hoped, so I was up for a long time trying to sort things out. Things are improving, my cavalry arrived first thing this morning. I think I must have looked like a zombie answering the door.

I'd planned to put Apple in a pack-n-play in my bedroom after her surgery, and it was all ready, but her redactor pins are just the right size to get stuck in the mesh, so I didn't dare put her in it. Instead, she slept in Jie Jie's special needs stroller in the living room parked against the sofa, where I slept.

Apple is doing as well as she did in the hospital, but is, understandably, fussier than usual.

Today is all about setting up our new logistical system for bandage changes, cleaning, distracting, taking care of all the girls' needs, managing the house, etc...

Tip for anyone heading into surgery: Get the post-op instructions before you leave your house so you can set it all up ahead of time! I didn't know half of what I needed until they handed me the discharge papers!

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