Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Friday, the 13th of December

Up the highway we went, three hours, to the medical center where Apple had the handles removed from the distractors on her skull. The surgeon didn't tell me ahead of time how painful it would be, so Apple suffered quite a bit. Her trust in me shattered and we've been working on getting it back ever since. She's had nightmares, stranger anxiety, anger toward me, and some regression. It's all normal for what she's been through, but I think that if I'd known ahead of time, I could have had a bottle of milk for her to drink while the surgeon pulled those handles out. That's how she gets through her blood draws without any crying, she drinks a bottle. The nice thing about having the handles off is that Apple could once again ride in the baby Ergo carrier!

Afterward, we went to San Jose to my favorite restaurant and had a great dinner and a fun fondue for dessert then walked to Christmas in the Park before heading up to our old neighborhood where we spent the weekend in a hotel three blocks from our old house.

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