Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve turned out to be very fun. Our friend, JJ, and his mom and youngest daughter, stopped by bringing goodies to eat and gifts for the girls. We had treats of our own to share, like cranberry cake with hot butter sauce and gifts to give, too.

As a single mom of girls, it sometimes doesn't occur to me to get certain things, JJ filled that gap this year. Please notice the box of balls in the first picture. There is a football, basketball and soccer ball, all sort of soft, but not too soft, so all the girls can play, including Jie Jie, who is still rather tiny and got bonked too hard a couple months ago trying to catch a real football. I was cracking up today as they ran inside, each grabbed a ball, and went out in the yard to play. It just never occurred to me to get my girls a football! In addition to the balls, he gave the girls soft, cuddly things to play with.

Apple got a cute napping set that is nylon on the bottom and sort of crinkly, fleece on the top blanket and furry on the detachable froggy pillow. I commented to JJ how perfect the gift was and that he may not have realized how good the various textures are for Apple to experience from an OT perspective, and he said, "Who said I didn't realize it?" It's things like this that make JJ such a good and special friend, he really thinks about my girls' needs.

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