Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lickity Split

Lickity Split were the exact words JJ used to tell me how fast he could help me get the jobs done in my home needed for me to get back to work. Yes, my maternity leave is coming to an end. It would have ended sooner, but I could not get contractors in to finish a job in a timely fashion! There was always someone's emergency I was bumped for. Honestly, one contractor couldn't get over here to finish a 30 minute job in well over a month.

Well, my friend, JJ had had enough of watching me struggle with this and declared that he had guys he could line up to get it all done "lickity split" along with extracting a promise from the 30 minute job contractor, so I let him send in the cavalry. In one week, I had the fence mended with a gate right where I needed it, the foliage cut and ground prepared to receive the shed I purchased back in August, which was delivered and assembled today, and tomorrow, the painters will arrive to finish painting my hall and entry ways. JJ also said to call him any time I need something done and he'd help me get the right guy for the job. Now that's a real friend!

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