Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Oh, Christmas Tree You're Super Big

We got our Christmas tree rather late, but it was to our advantage since the prices had been dropped three times. The tree turned out to be too tall for our living room and I had to cut some off the top and the bottom to make it fit, but it's a beautiful tree! My house is unique, with Japanese shoji screens making one wall of the living room. I opened them and put the tree on the edge so it's visible all the way around.

We found our tree at a lot on a farm with a natural grocery store and a big barn made into a western town by Disney designers inside. We sat in a marvelous sleigh, had free hot chocolate and tried shooting, using up the free tokens we were given for buying our tree there. It was fun and special and we'll make this a family tradition and buy our tree at the same place next year.

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