Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Saturday, December 14

What a fun weekend we had! Saturday was full of fun things. We visited my friend at her store and she gave us the gift of a huge store credit that we used getting some snow pants for the girls. We stopped off for pictures at the Oakland Temple after picking up some Saigon cinnamon at my favorite natural grocery store. We ice skated at the outdoor holiday rink. Even Apple took a spin around the ice with me. We went to my fencing club's holiday party and visited with tons of friends and the girls got a great picture with our fencing coach. We cut out early from the party and went into San Francisco where we walked barefoot on Ocean Beach and stuck our feet in the surf. It was Apple's first time at the ocean. She's wasn't too impressed, being tired, poor thing. Then we took my famous night tour of San Francisco on the way home, up past Cliff House, past the Palace of the Legion of Honor where a famous celebrity was having his wedding reception, through the Presidio, up Lombard Street and down it at the crooked part, along the Embarcadero to see the light art on the Bay Bridge (the new eastern span is open), then back across the Bay to our hotel.

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