Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Apple is Walking...

...but only when I make her do it! She's a good walker, but fearful, so she hobbles along like an arthritic granny, unless she wants something or has an audience of her favorite person.

I tried having her push her own stroller or hold on to the shopping cart, but I had to stop or get arrested since she SCREAMED bloody murder at having to do it. Then, something started to click after watching other small-fry toddle and walk and sit on tiny chairs at church on Sunday. Last Monday at the speech center for the older girls, Apple started pushing a kid chair around and kept trying to sit on it. I left her alone and in about 30 minutes, I looked up and she was sitting the little chair, proud of herself as she could be! I was very proud of her, too. Once home, she discovered that the diaper pail was on wheels and began pushing it around, too, but she can walk quite well without holding on to anything - when she wants to do so.

Just yesterday, she put her foot into her sister shoe, which is all very normal for a 2 year-old!!! The adoption experts say that for every three months spent in an institution, a child's development is delayed by 1 month. Add adoption, change of language, and two surgeries, and there won't be much catching up - at first. But in the last two weeks, it's very clear to me that Apple is developmentally right on, based on the institution-delay model, with no delays caused by Apert's Syndrome.

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Catherine said...

Woo hoo! Way to go Apple! What an adorable little walker she is too! Watch out get to baby proof again! (This wasa surprise to me!). I hadn't realize before mommy hood that there would be various stages of baby proofing our home as she gained mobility and height. I thought it would happen once. LOL...nope! :o) )