Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Painter and the Naked Lady

Can you guess which one I was? I wish I could say I was the painter. All parents know how hard it is to take an uninterrupted bath. I did try today. I'm tired of being late for church so I thought I'd wash my hair today instead of tomorrow morning. With the water running I hear a knock on the door. I said, "Open the door, I can't hear you," a few times, yet no one came in so I figured it wasn't important. Big mistake.

I finally emerge from the bathroom, dried off, towel in hand, and see the hallway door closed. I open it saying, "Why is this door..." and notice the back of a large white t-shirt on a large back. Thank heavens I didn't see the front of the t-shirt, right? Thank heavens the hallway was dark.

Blossom had been the one at the bathroom door. When she heard me say the word "open" she didn't stay and listen to the rest, but thought I meant open the front door and let the painter into our home, which she did, completely unknown to me. They were supposed to have called first anyway so I wasn't expecting anyone. Of course, she has no clue that she did anything wrong and one might even say it was an honest misunderstanding, but we've been working and working and working at listening and not walking away while mama is still talking and using good judgment and common sense, and she's now in her room having a major screaming fit with banging the door and taking everything out of the closet like a two year-old.

And I'm supposed to bake a birthday cake because today Jie Jie is 10 years old.


Almond Tea said...

K, you are headed for sainthood. She doesn't realize that could have been very dangerous. On a brighter note, at least you are one step closer to getting the painting done!

Amy said...

Oh No! sorry but it made me laugh. We just adopted a 9 year old girl from China and she has a leg issue (still trying to figure out what is going on) But I remember a long time ago you thoroughly researched strollers. Do you mind sharing what you ended up with and if you would get the same stroller again???