Thursday, March 20, 2014

All Lines are Out!

Apple had a rough afternoon. Seems that any time she feels the tug or brush of a monitor or IV line, she freaks out. It's just too much for her, so she fights and thrashes and they all start falling off. The staff gave up pretty early on with all the monitoring lines and just now the bladder catheter was pulled, at my instance. Earlier I had the IV locked off, too. She got about a 6 hour stretch of undisturbed sleep, has now had pain meds and a snack. As soon as she urinates on her own, we can leave.

I've had about 3-4 hours sleep off and on in the last 48 hours total, but I'm still doing fine. I'll grab some caffeinated soda before I hit the road. We were able to bend the rules and I've had all the girls with me the entire time, even sleeping in Apple's room tonight. They've been blessedly very, very good. I brought all our food down with us so we've not had to buy anything except milk and we've eaten nice, homemade healthy food. Well, we also treated ourselves to some IKEA cinnamon buns once. Oh, how I miss those! I hope we eventually get an IKEA in my new city.

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