Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Anesthesiology Update

12:22pm The surgeon just came out and things went very well. I have finger pictures! I will try and post them if the doctor's email came through. It's still going to be awhile before I see her.

I forgot to mention that this morning when Apple got the Versed, she was sitting in the crib and playing. Suddenly, she just toppled forward and did a face plant into the mattress and stayed there! I picked her right up and she was pretty loopy and I was glad she missed the bars of the metal crib. It was pretty funny once I knew she was okay.

11:50am I asked if they'd take a picture of her new fingers before they cast her and they said they would. I think they are starting to finish up.

8:10am the anesthesiologist just phoned and told me that she got a good IV in Apple's foot. The back up plan was to use the jugular vein in her neck so I'm glad that they didn't have to do that. She is under anesthesia now, using a continuous Propofol IV infusion rather than gas (the gas induction has a much higher rate of emergence delirium like she had last time) and the surgeons are about to begin. They are doing both hands today at the same time. We have the chief hand surgeon along with the surgeon who trained under her, a great team!

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