Saturday, March 29, 2014

Apple Update

Overall, Apple is doing very well since her hand surgery. She had very little pain so her recovery went very well. She wakes up her usual cheerful self, but she also wakes up several times a night since it's hard for her to get comfortable with casts on both her arms. She also gets fussy by the afternoon, boredom and frustration at not having hands to hold and touch things with. She's quite the mama's girl now, which I love, and her sisters are enjoying taking turns feeding her again. She gets very funny expressions on her face and shows some fun spunkiness and a never-ending sense of humor.

I removed the dressing on her skin graft yesterday. It had surgical glue over the dissolvable sutures. It looks much better today than yesterday and she's rubbed off most of the glue. It must be itchy. It's just as big as the scar on the other side from her first-stage hand surgery in China a year ago. It is hard to see so many scars on my baby, a constant reminder of what she's been through and still must go through, surgically, but it's also a reminder that she'll have a better quality of life.

I've had these shoes for over 20 years, saving them for the day when I'd finally have a little girls of my own.

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Suzanne said...

Glad to hear about Apple's progress! I noticed that cornstarch worked in getting the grease out of Apple's hair, but multiple tries did not do much for G's hair. I'll have to try again now that she has new incisions from the device removal. We're looking at a first surgery on just one hand in June. Quite the process!