Friday, March 21, 2014

At the Hospital

Our conveyances.
Today I bought a folding wagon for next time.

Post-op the raging began like last time.
This time I figured out the problem and solved it much sooner.

Once I disconnected Apple from everything possible and fixed a really messed up catheter (another story), she was comfortable and calm.

She got a pillow case full of presents from Child Life.

I tucked everyone in for an hour or so of sleep.

It's important to let you all know that the hospital rules were bent very far to allow my girls to remain with me. Everyone knew we had only 18 hours of notice before reporting for surgery and I explained how we'd recently moved to a town where we didn't know anyone and couldn't get a helper in time. It all worked out and I had all our food with us, healthy stuff from home, so I never had to leave Apple at all once she came out of the operating room. A social worker did arrange a room a floor above Apple's for me and the girls, but I wasn't allowed to leave the girls up there alone so I never used the room. How could I choose between my older girls or my baby? All my kids needed me and I never allowed anyone to separate us and, fortunately, no one ever insisted I do so.

I got GREAT advice from an experienced cast mommy. She told me to put socks over the cast to keep it from scratching everything, especially under Apple's arm and her face when she itches and me!

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