Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Gotta Be a New Record

You won't believe this day...

7:30am painters arrive, this is day 4.

Shower, get the kids moving, period starts (I will not apologize for TMI)

9:30am nice lady from church arrives to help me find the best place to start a garden in my yard. While she's here, painters finish the back and are ready to clear out the next two rooms and need to know where to put stuff.

Some time in here we get a call from Shriners Hospital. They have had a cancellation in the surgery schedule and Apple gets the slot. Surgery is tomorrow at 5:30am. Kids still not fed.

Click into higher gear...

12:20pm man comes to pick up something I sold on CL.

12:30pm JJ comes to measure again for carpet in the back areas. I'm out with the man taking the CL stuff and I hear JJ ask, "What did your mom tell you about answering the door?" Yes, the girls still didn't get the door thing right. The one who is allowed to answer is no where in site and the other two, who are supposed to stay in their rooms when someone comes to the door and I'm not in the house, are at the open front door.

Start to arrange a cat feeder for when I'm gone and help with the girls. Found the cat feeder, no help for the girls so I start work on a "doing it ourselves" plan.

I start making calls to cancel all the appointments for the rest of the week or next 5 weeks, like OT

Get to my eye appointment 15 minutes late. Get my new glasses and another pair of contacts to try.

Swing by the paint store to get two more samples. Get keys made down the street while the paint is being mixed. Pick up the paint. It's 3:45pm and I've had only one glass of homemade lemonade all day - no food. Get gas and something to eat. I ate a taco while pumping gas. I got something for the kids, too, but they have already had an earlier meal.

Get home, kids eat, I prepare stuff for the post office and head out. Get home quickly. It's now 5:10pm. Shampoo cat vomit off hallway carpet.

Park the girls at their computers to get some schooling in. Come in later to find Blossom playing around just clicking on stuff. She got in trouble. Send the girls to take showers.

Throw some paint on the walls to check the color.

Start doing laundry. Lots of it.

Feed the kids.

Bathe the baby as I was told by the hospital people to give her a "good" bath before tomorrow. I ALWAYS give my baby a good bath. For the first time ever, she poops in the tub. Drain, wash, rinse (tub and child), repeat bath. Get the child in bed. It's now almost 10pm. And see huge amount of cat vomit on my bed. It's soaked all the way through. I strip the bed, rinse the chunks off into the toilet, get it ready to be the next load of laundry. Eat, blog, now my break is over and I need to gather our food and load car. We're leaving at 2am. This has got to be my longest, fullest day ever!


gail said...

I was worn out just reading about your very busy and long day. I hope Apple's surgery goes well and you are back home soon. Somehow try to find time for you to rest.

Will you be posting pictures of you freshly painted inside once it is all done?

Julie said...

Wow, I'm exhausted too just reading about it all. You are an amazing woman! Best wishes for Apple'surgery tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Wow! And I thought I was busy! The girls are in such good hands with you. Nothing stops you and they get to see that. Perseverance in action! Good job Super Mom! Prayers going up for little Apple.

Anonymous said...

Keep your bedroom door closed so the cats can't get in. Have one space where it's your sanctuary.