Friday, March 21, 2014

Stil Catching Up

Apple is doing very, very well. I'm surprised that she's not shown any pain or discomfort and is her usual cheerful self.

The painters finished except for touch-ups they will do next week after everything dries and we take a detailed look around. I'm extremely happy with the color I chose for my indoor patio!!! I wasn't so sure since I chose it late in the day, but I followed designer advice and took something from my living room, which is the next nearest room, that I absolutely loved, and matched the color to it. It's a great transition color from the living room to the outdoors.

We spent the majority of the day grocery shopping and getting Apple a new wardrobe that will see her through the next 4 weeks of casts. Finding things to go over the casts is one challenge. Finding things that will go over her head is another one. Finding things that go over both and don't require raising her arms up over her head, which she cannot do physically, is the final challenge. We did pretty well, I think.

We also bought the folding wagon I've wanted for years but managed without. After being in the hospital with two strollers used as carts to hold our stuff, the wagon became a necessity that I promised I'd purchase immediately. As I stood in line with it, two people who have it raved about how much they love them. The wagon, strollers, and collapsible totes we have will now be our travel staples.

My little cat Henry is sick - again. It seems that each time I leave him with a cat sitter, he gets sick. I'm not sure if they aren't giving him his medicine properly or what, but it's now a concern since this is the third time in a row. At least this time I've caught it early!

I've had good energy all day, until now. Now I'm about to collapse, but still need to feed my older kids, clean the baby's abscess and put her to bed. I'll relax and eat after they are all down and tomorrow we are sleeping in for the first time in weeks.

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