Saturday, April 19, 2014

Casts Are Off

Last Thursday, Apple got her casts off. It was just in time as it's turned rather hot here and she was over-heating just walking around the house. She's already using her new fingers, but they are, understandably, weak from being in the casts and the new configuration needs time to learn to move, she drops her spoon every couple of bites, but they'll soon strengthen right up.

Today, I had to remind her that she can now play with her toys, especially her books, which are her favorites.

She does have a complication. Not on her hands, but the abscess on her head has turned out to be colonized with MRSA. I am working with the doctors to decide the best course of care and treatment, but would welcome most of all, your prayers - specifically, that the wound will heal without the need of surgery. It would be best for our family and, especially Apple, if we can postpone any further surgeries until fall. This last recovery seemed quite hard on her. She really needs a break.

So, the casts came off without any problems. Apple didn't much like it. She's really fed up with anything medical right now and doesn't even tolerate a chux pad being laid across her lap or even being weighed. I love how she looked at her new fingers. She did keep her arms bent for about 30 minutes after the casts came off, but started to straighten them once I let her play in the washing water.


Anonymous said...

One of my little daughters (cleft lip/palate) had enough of the surgeries and it took a couple of years before she would allow a blood pressure cuff on her without screaming.

Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

Hey, I've been in that room! :)