Monday, April 14, 2014

Life in Casts

Apple has been doing very well for a 2 yr. old stuck in full casts on both arms. It took her about two weeks to figure out how to sleep through the night comfortably, and she's bright and happy in the morning, but by late afternoon, she's pretty bored and ready to be entertained. She's walking very well and doesn't fall nearly as much as she did at first, which has saved her head. Her abscess is still there and today I requested a wound care specialist and was sent to a local plastic surgeon who called it granulation tissue which she said is overly vascularized, inflamed, infected skin. She did culture the wound by sticking a swap inside the hole and swiping under the skin which didn't feel good at all, then she put silver nitrate inside it so now it's a huge black scabby looking thing. It had more pus tonight when I cleaned it so I hope the doctor didn't infect it further. Time will tell....

The casts are due to come off in three days and it's just in time. The weather has turned hot here and Apple is always sweltering. Her hair and clothes are always wet with sweat no matter what I due, just part of her medical condition, but getting those casts off will help her regulate her temperature so much better.

I'm looking forward to a fun summer with her and hope she enjoys the pool this year. It was too cold for her comfort last year but she's got more meat on her bones now so I hope she finds it fun and comfortable.

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