Tuesday, April 8, 2014

We Have Been Having Fun, Too!

My best friend from my old area came down for a few days with her two youngest daughters, who are about Jie Jie's age and we all had a blast! All the girls have declared the exercise room the most fun room in the house, we ate out at our favorite buffet restaurant which happened to be kids eat for $.99 night, then it was Frozen on dvd and a slumber party - my girls' first. Needless to say, the giggling went on far into the night, which was fine with me.

Then, my friend helped me start getting set up for daycare. She worked for me in my previous daycare, so she knew exactly what needed to be done. We moved the rest of the big things out of the daycare rooms, including this stove, which turned out to weigh a lot more than either of us thought it would, so we used a little ingenuity, and succeeded. She also gave me all her early education stuff since her kids are big now. She's very talented and made file folder games and flannel stories and much, much more, 10 grocery sacks full, in fact. We will be using this as a family and with my daycare for sure.

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