Thursday, May 22, 2014

Do You Get Any Exercise?

Exercise? What's that? Oh, I remember, in another life I used to fence 16 hours a week and was fit and trim and strong and flexible. After that stopped, I walked. Miles and miles, at least 2 per day, pushing my daycare kids in my quad stroller. Then I became a mom. I adapted to include Jie Jie and Sissy and Blossom. Then we moved and the house and surgeries, etc... swallowed me up.

Did I mention that there aren't any sidewalks in my new neighborhood? How about that it was 108 degrees almost every day last summer? I know I've mentioned the repairs on the house sucking the life out of me.

Well, I finally had enough. I needed to get some exercise and fresh air and feel the sunshine so I started walking the neighborhood last Monday. Sometimes I'm walking on the street and sometimes on the dirt. There are cars coming by and big ant hills, but I'm pushing Apple in her stroller and having a merry old time going, "Ahhhhhh!" the entire way. I walked twice today because I didn't get out yesterday. Once I begin doing daycare again, it will fit right in with taking the kids on a morning walk in the quad strollers.

When did I find time? I made it. This morning I went out after breakfast while the big girls were doing the dishes and then again with three of the girls after dinner. I finally reached a point in everything where I have to include some "taking care of me" time for health and sanity.


Catherine said...

I've started taking time to exercise lately too and it's wonderful!! Sometimes it's at lunch at work and other times it's i. The evenings with Hannah by my side. It feels great!!!

Circe said...

Thanks for your commemt on my blog! It looks like you're a friend of Catherine. So you're a friend of mine too! :)