Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Doing What Cats Do

Yes, this is Henry today!!!


Henry is recovering very well now. He's going to be on antibiotics for another month and supplemental fluids every few days, but he's gained 1.5 pounds - yes, POUNDS - and he's feeling more energetic each day. He now weighs 5.5 pounds and he's gaining well. He's also not thrown up in over 24 hours for the first time since March! He looks so much more comfortable now and sleeps and sleeps and sleeps all night long, back on his Boppy, not in the survival position he's had to be in for so long in order to breathe.

So, he grooms well, can make jumps of about 2 feet, he can trot to his food, he purrs and purrs, and he's generally acting like a cat should. My other cats are also greeting him now and licking him and have seemed to realize he's back in the land of the living. He's going to be on two antibiotics for another month, I still feed him 6 times a day and give him sub-Q fluids every few days. I also still give him digestive enzymes and probiotics. I'm so happy for him that he's finally feeling better!

Just about 2 weeks ago with Brother.

My "Skinny Kidney Bean" is what I called him since I could easily feel his little kidneys.

Getting up more lung junk, but it's so much less yucky than last week.

Today, getting some love from Merlin, who is a very fluffy cat.

A nice round tummy and looking so comfortable!

Minus a little fur on the muzzle, nose and front paws, but it's coming back.

Look at the juicy fat and muscle coming back on to these bones!

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