Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day Pt. 2

I didn't get out to hang my flag until after twelve o'clock, then I couldn't find a good place to attach the hardware for the flag pole, so I started trying to fastening it to a dead tree, but the wood was too hard and I was trying with a regular screwdriver and not an electric drill. My friend, who is a fireman at the station directly across the street came over to help, and came up with a great idea using the tree stump, but instead of using the hardware, he wanted to drill a large hole directly into the trunk. First, I insisted that we cut off all the dead branches which turned out to be quite a huge task, but cleaned up the area so nicely. Then, my friend drilled a large hole directly into the trunk, creating what he dubbed "The Organic Flag Pole." What I liked most about it is that I could see the flag from inside my house each time I walked down the arbor hallway. My outside lights just happen to be very near, almost shining directly on the flag, so it would be perfectly appropriate to keep the flag out after dark, too, if I wanted to.

There were more branches than this, and it took the girls and I several hours and a trip to the store to buy a chain saw to cut them all up and get them into our green-waste bin. We filled it completely, with very little air spaces. My fireman friend came back to give me a quick lesson on using the chain saw, then I was buzzing my way through all the thick branches which are now neatly piled on our firewood pile.

Working together with my girls, even in 98 degree heat, was good family time and we finished out day by taking the first swim of the season in our pool. The girls picked up right where they left off last year with their water skills, which I'm very happy about. Apple absolutely loved the water and watching her sisters play. Last summer, she was a skinny little thing and the water was too cold for her and she cried. Now, 5 pounds heavier, she seemed to really enjoy cooling off and playing around. I didn't get her head wound wet, despite the safety of the chlorine, but that didn't stop us at all from having a good time.

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Anonymous said...

Yay, what fun. I also have 4 daughters from China. Every year, in addition to the special day it already is, I refer to Memorial Day as Mother's day. In other words, as Mom wants, we all work out in the yards (front and back) together. Working as a unit, we get a lot accomplished (although it's far from perfect.)